Want to feel alert, refreshed and focused when you enter your office or study in the morning? Do you want your teenage sons to feel that it is natural for them to tidy up the room? Do you want to feel at the end of the day how stress and everyday worries disappear and you sink into a relaxed evening in your living room? Do you want a sense of intimacy in the bedroom, but only at times that suit you?

Meet Triple-A Design.

Gone are the days when we were satisfied with a design that is only aesthetic and functional. The neuro-architecture teaches us that the structure of the space, the colors, the lines and even the music and the smells – all affect us on the physiological, emotional and psychological levels.

Using the Triple-A Design approach, our studio designs homes and offices whose appearance and atmosphere change with your needs throughout the hours of the day, the days of the week and the seasons. With the help of design approaches and advanced technologies, we create a beautiful, sensitive and smart living environment.

Artistic design that is a feast for the senses,

For all the senses

Dynamic design of every part of the house or office that positively affects the energy level, the mindset and the interpersonal communication and changes according to the needs throughout the day.

Using technology to create a smart environment that makes you comfortable and guarantees a suitable atmosphere at any hour

What are we designing?

Apartments and houses

For people who want to make a unique statement, tailored to their measurements. Use of scientific, psychological, technological and aesthetic principles for a harmonious design adapted to the changing needs of the household throughout the hours of the day.

offices and businesses

To create a productive work environment that also contributes to improving the quality of life. Finding the fine balance between design that induces calm, and planning a work environment that produces cognitive stimulation and affects productivity levels.


who want to become centers of attraction through an innovative and unique design. A pampering design that induces an addictive atmosphere of freedom and corresponds with the character of the place, without compromising on the functionality of the accommodation spaces.

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About Orly Horovitz

A member of the organization of interior designers in Israel
Designer of houses, apartments, offices and businesses since 2007
The field of design has advanced a lot in these years.
Perceptions have changed. The art of design has become multidimensional.
Today we understand how space affects us in the most profound way.
We also know how to translate these effects
To design a space that will serve our needs at the deepest level.
These insights led to the creation of the Triple-A Design method
which combines scientific, psychological, technological principles,
For the perfect adaptation of the space to your needs.
Every moment

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