Triple-A-Design method

Dynamic interior design that makes you feel good and changes with your day Brings two significant innovations to the world of interior design:

The principles of psychology and neuro-architecture

Planning is based on the principles of psychology and neuro-architecture so that every place in the home or office will have the most appropriate effect on calmness or vigor, on concentration and/or creativity, on the nature of communication with others and more – so that the people who are there can feel and be at their best according to their lifestyle and type of their activity.

Artistic design and automation

A combination of artistic design and automation that make the home or office dynamic and change throughout the day according to the needs of each and every one of you and provide you with the desired experience at every stage of the day while mixing all the senses.

A design that is only aesthetic is not enough!

עיצוב שהוא רק אסתטי
לא מספיק!

The structure, the lines, the colors, the lighting, the associations that objects and images evoke, and even music and smells – all of these affect our brains in ways that we are only beginning to recognize and understand in recent years. The effects are on the physiological, emotional and psychological levels. The room, the space we are in, evokes certain moods and mindsets in us and “calls us to be” in a certain way. This is how the field of neuro-architecture was born, which provides us with tools to design an environment that serves us in a deeper and more complete way.

From these insights the TRIPLE-A DESIGN method was born

A method that combines scientific, psychological, technological and aesthetic principles To create a space that adapts itself perfectly to your needs, at any hour of the day:

For us, design is first and foremost art, which turns every space into a one-of-a-kind architectural gem.

Building the design concept is based on choosing between different design styles and approaches, then creating the perfect connection between the space, materials, colors and shapes by combining items of choice and even custom order, to create a unique look adapted to your needs and preferences.

Using the principles of neuro-architecture for a design that works in a desirable way on the mood, energy levels, motivation, productivity and even on the level of creativity. This while using neurological and psychological knowledge regarding the effect of the material, the shape, the color, the lighting and sometimes the sound, on us as human beings.

Active design that uses sensors and smart systems that react according to prior planning or autonomously to create the desired changes in the atmosphere at any time.

The design of the space using the Triple-A Design method is based on the expertise of Orli Horovitz and on a deep investigation to get to know the people who will live in the house or office, with their needs and preferences.

עיצוב החלל בשיטת Triple-A Design מתבסס על המומחיות של אורלי הורוביץ ועל תחקיר עמוק להיכרות עם האנשים שיחיו בבית או במשרד, עם צרכיהם והעדפותיהם.

Static design is not enough!

We need a different atmosphere in our home or office in the morning and in the evening, in the middle of the week and on the weekend and even in different seasons. Today, technology combined with advanced design approaches allow us to design a kinetic environment that “feels us” and changes with our needs at different times.

What does the design process include?

Planning and design including the division of the space to dressing it with items and accessories tailored to your needs, combining technologies:

  • Program and building a design concept
  • The division of the space and the preparation of sketches – with reference to the totality of your needs
  • Preparation of a set of plans for execution: architectural plans, electricity, lighting, communications, plumbing, air conditioning, automation technologies, flooring, plastering, carpentry items, layouts of wet spaces and more.
  • The guidance of the professionals will save you headaches and unnecessary waste of time.
  • Selection of finishing materials – support in the selection of materials that will match the design line and the desired budget: selection of flooring, coverings, doors, sanitary ware and more.
  • Accompanying the construction process – arriving at the site at a critical point, to make sure that everything is conducted in accordance with the instructions and plans we submitted.
  • Dressing up the space – a joint choice of the furniture items, the lighting fixtures, the wallpapers, the accessories and all the little things that can make a big difference in the look and feel.

Who is it for?

Members of family

who want to make a unique statement in their home, adapted to their needs.

 People working in office

who want to create a productive and advanced work environment, which also contributes to improving the quality of life.


such as boutique hotels and places of entertainment, who want to become centers of attraction with the help of an innovative and unique design.

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